Top Secret 12

Be the first to access Blackrock Aladdin, Palatir, Addepar, and Scale AI level Machine Learning and Artificail Intelligence tools and insights.

Why you?
The Big 5 & Conscientiousness

We’ve targeted you specifically. We already know you are a high performing investor, you are an amazing example to other Women who want to grow up to be more like you. We also know you have a philanthropic focus in addition to you activity as an investor. Sound like we’re talking to the right people?

We’ve found that the best early stage participants are those who not only have deep expertise but are also high in conscientiousness. Why? Because they are able to place themselves not only in the shoes of others but they are able to communicate their feedback as well.

Our goal is to quickly adapt our experience to both feel familiar while at the same time leading in user experience.

Your unique point of view and history of experience is why we’re looking for you to be one of our first 12 participants.

Full Use Case Access
Bring your Network

Merlyn isn’t just for investors, matter of fact our large scale goal is for everyone to have Merlyn as their financial advisor.

We know that financial literacy isn’t easy – it’s actually designed NOT to be. We want to make it easier for anyone to learn what to do and why.

Here is why your network is so valuable. We know that you 

. We have over 80 databases to draw on every month. The insights & analysis derived from this data is very valuable BUT…

Merlyn Pro combines that external data with internal data gathered through direct organizational performance.  We bring this data in by creating custom APIs for all an organizations software in use for specific tracking verticals like finances, project management , and customer satisfaction.

These custom APIs aren’t written by coders but by a Machine Learning mapping software that can map any existing API within 24-48 hrs. If your internal software has an open API (or even a closed or private API) Merlyn can map it to our database and bring all your data in to be analyzed.

With our custom ML Api mapping Software.

Just Ask Merlyn.

magical AI Anlysis
Merlyn Artificial Intelligence Engine

Merlyn is training and learning as we speak. His AI engine is learning from years of historical data just so he can be ready to add your data to all that knowledge. Be ready when he delivers what will seem like magical insight & analysis. 

Full Web & Mobile App coming Sep 2022

We will begin our Beta testing soon and launch v1.0 in September of 2022. 

We are looking for Ventures and Investors who are willing to help us train Merlyn on their data.

We’re offering a full Decade of access and support for less than a year of Merlyn Pro after launch.