Visualizations & Features

How do we make it easy to read Merlyns insights?

We’ve found that the key to absorbing information is to make it interesting and easy to read. This is why we have worked SO hard to visualize data in a way that makes it easy to understand, correlate with other data, and see where Merlyns AI driven analysis comes from.

We make it easy to stay high level or dive deeper – it’s all there depending on how far down the rabbit hole YOU want to go.

Custom API creation software
No-Code API mapping Software

Merlyn searches Public & Private Databases for industry and market relevant data. We have over 80 databases to draw on every month. The insights & analysis derived from this data is very valuable BUT…

Merlyn Pro combines that external data with internal data gathered through direct organizational performance.  We bring this data in by creating custom APIs for all an organizations software in use for specific tracking verticals like finances, project management , and customer satisfaction.

These custom APIs aren’t written by coders but by a Machine Learning mapping software that can map any existing API within 24-48 hrs. If your internal software has an open API (or even a closed or private API) Merlyn can map it to our database and bring all your data in to be analyzed.

With our custom ML Api mapping Software.

Just Ask Merlyn.

magical AI Anlysis
Merlyn Artificial Intelligence Engine

Merlyn is training and learning as we speak. His AI engine is learning from years of historical data just so he can be ready to add your data to all that knowledge. Be ready when he delivers what will seem like magical insight & analysis. 

Full Web & Mobile App coming Sep 2022

We will begin our Beta testing soon and launch v1.0 in September of 2022. 

We are looking for Ventures and Investors who are willing to help us train Merlyn on their data.

We’re offering a full Decade of access and support for less than a year of Merlyn Pro after launch.