Merlyn Pro for Charities
(Coming 2023)

Charity Features
Merlyn can help Charities Do MORE Good.

More info in Less Time

Our system is designed to give you real time, high level, clear, and simple updates. Save time analyzing and spend more time acting.

Next Gen Security

Merlyn follows next generation decentralized database system & PRIO Principles. Protecting Data Magically.

Data Visualization

Visualizations for over 100 charity models and 1200+ KPIs. Merlyns AI engine analysis and insights will come with these powerful visualizations.

Charity Education

Boards and Charity leaders are usually experts on one or a few areas required for success yet rarely proficient is every area need for success and impact. We have training and support.

Financial Insights

Track your charities financial performance in a revolutionary way. Merlyn has discovered a magical way to see the big & small financial picture.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

No old servers, bloated corporate bureaucracy, or a motive for planned obsolescence. Just agile development.

Easily Manage Your Charity
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Charity Models
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Trackable KPIs
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Beta Charities On-Board
Example Visualizations
Pricing Plan
Pre-Launch Deal

We’re looking for pre-launch support. For those who are willing to become part of the Merlyn family right from the start we’re giving you 10 years of grandfathered full access.

No ‘Pro’ upgrades will be launched leaving you out, you will have full access to every new feature and program for 10 years.

Pay for this one plan and get 10 years of Merlyn!


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Let's Get Started

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