No-Code ML & AI tools at your fingertips

The first user-driven no-code set of ML & AI tools.

It’s like sending your very own master magician off to find the answer to a question. Once they have the answers they return to you to deliver next level wisdom, insights, & analysis.

merlyn magic
We Like To Find Simple Solutions To Complex Challenges

Enhance Productivity

Imagine hours saved NOT compiling all that research or comparing and contrasting all that data.

Next Gen Security

Merlyn follows next generation decentralized database system & PRIO Principles. Protecting Data Magically.

Data Visualization

Now take all that data and create visuals that help with analysis... Or let Merlyn do it for you.

Trending Education

Want to understand Crypto, Blockchain, the Metaverse, the Carbon Age, and other trending topics?

Financial Insights

We know $$ rules the world. What if you could ask Merlyn to provide insights on your Financials?

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

No old servers, bloated corporate bureaucracy, or a motive for planned obsolescence. Just agile dev.

Easily Manage Your Data

Build a database of external + internal data that will give both real time & historical insights.

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Custom APIs
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2 Ready-Made Use Cases

Imagine comparing and contrasting up to 5 ventures in the same industry or market – side by side like you would a car or cell phone.

Now track your investments after you’ve invested – and yes Merlyn can give you insights on both your private and public portfolio.

By using our custom API mapping software you can pull in all your internal data from every piece of software you use – add these KPIs to Merlyns constant external data aggregation + insights and you get real time magic.

Perform and even pivot on a whole new level with Merlyn.

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beta testing & Pricing

If you are interested in Beta Testing (Pre-Launch deals are automatically included in the beta testing) choose your level of access.

Pre-Launch Deal

We’re looking for Beta testers & pre-launch support. For those who are willing to become part of the Merlyn family right from the start we would love to give you access early to help us beta test Merlyn before we launch.

For those who want to secure Merlyn Pro access at a pre-launch support price we’re giving you the ability to secure Merlyn magic for 10 years of grandfathered full access.

No ‘Pro’ upgrades will be launched leaving you out, you will have full access to every new feature and program for 10 years.

Pay for this one plan and get 10 years of Merlyn!

Venture Access

$19,997 / Decade
  • $897/m after launch
  • 10 Venture Profiles vs
  • 1 venture Profile after launch
  • Free Venture Education
  • Unlimited Data Storage vs 64 Gig
  • + more more features

Investor Access

$97k / Decade
  • $2997/m after launch
  • Unlimited companies tracked vs
  • 10 companies Tracked post launch
  • Free Trending Education
  • Unlimited Data Storage vs 64 Gig
  • + more more features
No-Code API mapping Software

Merlyn has a Pro version too. It’s not just about the aggregation of external data but combining that external data with internal data for even deeper insights and analysis.

How do we aggregate internal data from over 80 external software programs? How can you add your own custom APIs if we don’t have one already written?

With our custom ML Api mapping Software.

Just Ask Merlyn.